Eliminate risk of major damage caused by undetected water leaks

Protect your assets with cutting edge water detection and monitoring

Leader in risk management for condos, apartments, multiplex, and more

Prevent small leaks from turning into big problems!

WaterSafeti detects leaks, stops water flow and notifies you of any potential water damage before it happens.

Why WaterSafeti?

Remote Monitoring

AKiCentral is a web application that lets you stay connected with your home. Its dashboard shows alerts, their location, and any maintenance required such as low battery signals, allowing you to manage your property from anywhere in the world.

Immediate Alerts

Upon detection of a leak the protection system sounds an alarm and immediately notifies residents and maintenance staff by sending detailed email and SMS notifications while simultaneously shutting the main water supply valve to the suite.

Technical Support

We offer technical support by phone or on site at all times! Our system is built to be fully turn-key, but if a problem does arise, we'll be standing by to help.

RF Based Wireless System

Low cost, highly secure, wireless technology with a battery life of 10 years. Your data is privately transmitted in real-time and stored for your viewing on the monitoring platform.

Let Our Technology Protect Your Assets

  • Prevents water damage

    Detects leaks and abnormal water flow and notifies users
  • Protects your home while you're away

    Shuts the main water valve off automatically to prevent damage
  • Securely transmits critical data to our cloud

    Connects all devices independently from your home Internet - preventing access from malicious actors
  • Leak sensors last for up to 10 years on a single battery

    Precisely engineered system for maximum battery life and optimum performance

Wherever you are in the world, AkiCentral web application allows you to manage your properties, condos or homes remotely. Avoid small issues that could turn into big problems. Manage your risks, save money, and reduce monthly costs.

With a strategic risk management plan, you can benefit from better insurance premiums, save on deductibles and provide a safe and stable environment for residents and owners.

Our technology works 24/7 to keep your building protected, and our company works 365 days a year to make sure that you're fully supported at all times. Check out our customer testimonials to see what people are saying.

We are experts in risk management for multi-family dwellings

WaterSafeti is a company specialized in providing water damage risk management for condominiums, apartments, senior living and assisted living homes. We have preventive solutions to protect multi-family residential properties from catastrophic damage caused by undetected water leaks.

We are committed to finding innovative, efficient, economical and profitable solutions for the benefit of our customers. We are focused and committed to long-term goals. We offer the highest quality products and provide the best service to our clients.

Stats & Facts


water damage avoided by us every months

13 Billion $

claims for water damage (US)

Number 1

condominium water leakage prevention
(Leader in Risk Management)


condo Water Leakage Claims
(50% from pipes)

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