New Construction

Protect your new construction

Control water flow on the job site and get a competitive edge in the market

Increase property value and future proof your building

Being a builder is all about creating something of value. This means selecting the right raw materials, ensuring great build quality, and planning for the best interests of the residents who will eventualy live in the building.

Part of the long term consideration for residents should include maintenance and safety. Installing a water damage prevention system is a simple way to ensure that residents will never have to deal with the frustration and disruption that can happen during a water damage event. On top of that, it will add tremendous value to a building and increase your competitive edge in the market.


Water damage is the leading cause of insurance claims in real estate. According to studies, over 60% of claims result in water damage caused by wear of equipment or human error. Prior to WaterSafeti, there was only one way of dealing with this: wait for water damage to happen and hope you catch it early enough so it's not a complete disaster.

WaterSafeti eliminates the waiting game and gives peace of mind to owners and residents that their building is being protected against water damage 24/7. This type of technology will eventually become mandatory to qualify for 

Complete protection for your new construction

Peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

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