A fully managed solution to prevent water damage

Ideal for condominiums, apartments, assisted living, and commercial buildings.


The controller is the brain of the leak detection system with motion sensors

  • Identifies water leaks
  • Monitors high-risk areas (capacity: up to 28 sensors)
  • Examines battery charge level
  • Monitors WaterSafeti system performance
  • Sends alarm sound alerts
  • Closes main water valve during a prolonged absence (programmable with delayed timer)
  • Operates in a Secure Wireless Network
  • Sends secure Cellular transmission (GSM) to AkiCentral

AkiSens sensor

The AkiSens sensor detects water leaks, humidity, and temperature.

  • Wireless Sensors
  • Range of 600sqf
  • Temperature/humidity
  • AkiConnect security
  • 10 year battery life
  • Sends immediate alerts via email/text/phone message when a water leak is detected

AkiSens sensor extension

Adapt the water leak sensor to any environment or situation

  • Plugs into main sensor
  • Water panel sensor – provides detection in shallow or hard to reach areas e.g. – under dishwashers or water heaters
  • Water cable sensor – provides perimter protection e.g – inside cabinets or around refrigerator compartments

Smart motorized valve

Valve automatically shuts off main water flow to an individual unit when a water leak is detected.

  • Hard wire connection to controller
  • Automatically shuts off water flow to the suite when a signal is received from the controller
  • Manual valve opening with the push of a single button on the controller
  • Supported by a battery back which provides up to 8 hours of functionality in the event of a power failure

Water flow sensor

Closes the valve upon detection of abnormal water flow

  • Detects abnormal water flow in water pipes (e.g. A plumbing failure in the wall)
  • Detects slow leaks - e.g. old, leaky toilet flappers, pipe leaks in the wall, a tap left running by mistake etc.
  • Programmable (30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes)

Motion Detector

Detects movement without the use of cameras

  • Closes main water valve during a prolonged absence (programmable with delayed timer)
  • Detects presence of occupants or guests and re-opens the valve upon new occupancy
  • Optionally receive alerts when movement is detected

Feel free to reach out with any questions!