Why WaterSafeti?

Customer Testimonials

“The sensor detected the water spill and immediately signalled the Closure of the main water valve. I received an alert notice on my smart phone as did our administrator and our building maintenance manager. Within an hour of the detection, the maintenance manager called our plumbing service and that same day the speedway was replaced. Only a small amount of water was wiped up! No insurance claim, no extensive renovation and no inconvenience. There has not been a single water incident in our entire Condo since your system was installed. In addition the fact that your motion detector automatically closes the water valve during any extended absence away gives me total peace of mind. Thank you for creating this incredible protection of my property And I highly recommend that all Condo associations consider this same protection. "

Michael P.

“The ever-growing water leaks damages that are occuring especially in malty-story condominium and rental properties, cost to repair units that experienced damages, in addition of insurance important premium increasing, in addition to potential decrease property value, it was necessary to deploy a property risk management program in securing the property owner, their health and property value. We were searching for a company that had the flexibility to meet our specific needs in line with our properties particularities. Such as detecting water on the floor, plumbing pipes leaking in walls and cellings, under bath tubs and monitoring water flow and consumption per units. Capable of monitoring 100% of system components installed and communicating alarms at various levels from condo owners, to maintenance resources and administrator. In addition to producing system alarm statistics helping administrators and maintenance resources manage risk in an efficient and secure basis. The system also came with a dedicate wireless data network throughout the building exclusively dedicated to the water leak risk management monitoring service."

Takao S

Real Estate, Property Administrator
“As a developer, producing turn-key projects from inception to completion, through years of field work, we have gained in-depth knowledge of complex building systems process including planning, technology, finance, legal structures, marketing, and sales With the growing events related to water leaks in multi-story condominium properties and commercial buildings, it was imperative that we include a technology that will not only identify water leaks throughout the building either on floors, in walls or ceilings, but also able to communicate the event and identify precisely where the leak has occurred. This required a system capable of turning off the main water valve and showing on backend software system location of leaks. AkiSens was the only company/manufacture that was able to meet our requirements and are now part of our standard in our projects such as condominiums building of 143 units and 337 units. With confidence I fully recommend Akisens for your project. They are our supplier of choice for water detection systems."

Benjamin S.

President (Building Condominium Developer)

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