WaterSafeti provides a digitally connected water leak detection and monitoring system that prevents water damage in multi-family dwellings.

Located in Sunrise, Florida and Torrance CA, Watersafeti protects owners from water leak damage events that can lead to expensive insurance claims, possible cancellation of insurance and potential lawsuits.

WaterSafeti is partnered with Akisens, the technology provider behind WaterSafeti's water damage prevention solution. Akisens, based in Montreal, developed their proprietary technology in 2014 and has been serving the Canadian market since then.

WaterSafeti is working hand-in-hand with Akisens to bring state-of-the-art water damage prevention technology to the United States.

High quality and performance products

All products are tested for quality and performance reliability before leaving our facilities. This ensures a flawless on-site installation procedure and reduces chance of maintenance issues.

Customer service

We pride ourselves in offering top-notch customer service and are committed to a long term relationship.


We have extensive experience across customer support, operations, installation, and engineering.

Risk management

We help guide our clients towards a sound risk management solution for their property.


  • Quality/Performance
  • Customer service
  • Team
  • Risk management

Stats & Facts


water damage avoided by us every month

$ 13 Billion

claims for water damage (US)

Number 1

condominium water leakage prevention
(Leader in Risk Management)


condo Water Leakage Claims
(50% from pipes)

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